Olin Wilson Legacy Survey (OWLS)#

Exoplaneteers and stellar atmosphere enthusiasts alike can agree on at least one thing: knowing the phase and strength of a star’s activity cycle is valuable information which can only be gained through long-term, continuous monitoring from mid-sized observatories like APO. In this program, we have created a legacy survey of exoplanet-host star Ca II H & K emission line observations extending into the distant future with APO/ARCES, which we call the Olin Wilson Legacy Survey (OWLS). The time-series database of Ca II H & K measurements will be a touchstone reference for exoplaneteers to determine the extent of contamination by stellar activity in their exoplanet observations, as well as a modern update to the Baliunas et al. (1995) sample which reveals how the magnetic activity of exoplanet host stars varies with spectral type, planet orbital period, etc.

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